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Valentine Day: The Forbidden Fruit – Chris Blackwell

According to Advanced Learner’s English Dictionary the word “SEX” is the state of being a female or male (gender).  How can you tell what sex a fish is? A process that allows couples to choose the sex of their baby. Sex is a physical ability between two people (Male and Female) whereby they touch each other’s sexually the penis and vagina which is often referred to as “Sexual Intercourse”.

It is illegal to have sex with a person who is under the age of 16. Even when a girl is above 20 having sex without marriage is illegal, immoral and a sinful act before the Almighty God.

Gay Sex, attack sex shop (One selling magazines objects etc that are connected with sex. Sex Education in schools has been targeted to eradicate the drugs of sexuality among the students and based on this education it seems that it is affecting the interest in sex and the ability to have it.

The disadvantage of illegal sex even when the girl child is above 20 is that apart from having a fatherless baby, there  is the  possibility of contacting the dreaded HIV, Aids, Syphilis, Gonorrhea, which the consequences is premature death that is an agony to the parents and a bad reputation in the family.

Apart from death as a result of contracting diseases, termination of unwanted pregnancy through abortion, is not only dangerous but murdering the future generation leader and the girl child could as well die with severed pains, by attempting to commit abortion, even without the girls child’s death during abortion, lack of proper medical care and also lack of nutritious foods will lead to severe sufferings which is a sinful act before God and Humanity.

In the nutshell and for want of evidence, Valentine Day is not a day for Intercourse, but a day of humanitarianism in terms of gifts to one’s neighbours, acquaintances even those unknown.  That is the essence of the Celebration of Valentine and not having SEX.

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