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UNIC Foundation Empowerment Programme Grant… Sets To Elevate Traders’ Suffering In Adalemo, Sango-Otta Axis of Ogun State Nigeria With Financial Aid Grant


In the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson “To help The young souls to add energy, inspire hope and  blow the coals into useless flames, to redeem defeat by new thought and firm action, this, though not easy and it requires the work of a divine man”

This quotation coincidently is revolved around Dr, Christopher Imulomen the Technical  Partner of UNIC Foundation a Non-Governmental Organizatio0n (NGO) who  lost his father at the age of 12 years but survived the tempest and the agony of losing his father, the bread-winner of the family through dedication and hard work rose to the position of a person of substance in the Nigeria Nation by setting up UNIC Foundation a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) to raise funds through Grant Empowerment Programme for Traders, Artisans for them to function effectively and efficiently for a viable oriented efforts to combat unemployment rate in Nigeria and live happily without working like an Elephant and feeding like an Ant.

UNIC Foundation in its commitment to ensure that the vision and mission of the NGO is accomplished as envisaged by Dr. Christopher Imulomen  by creating Awareness Campaign for the grant’s availability and the  opportunities abound in the fold of UNIC Foundation organized an Empowerment Seminar Grant  on Friday, 17th May, 2019 in an Interactive Lecturing Session with over 600 people from Dalemo  Otta Axis of Ogun State through presentations by three vibrant speakers from the Organization namely:  Anota Olawale, Ogunade Toyi and Adesanya Samuel as each of them educated the participants thoroughly to the admiration of the participants.


The introduction of the Agenda of the Seminar Educational Presentation was done by Erikere Smart of El Shaddai Support Initiative the host of the Seminar who also mentioned the name of the speakers one after the other to the expectations and admiration of the participants.



Ogunade Toyin reiterated to the participants that in UNIC Foundation everything is free. UNIC Foundation’s kind of Empowerment is not a loan rather it is a form of grant to whoever is eligible for the grant after passing through the three processing of the Grant. She confirmed to the delight of the participants that after the due processing has been duly completed each participants is entitled to a grant between the range of N200,000.000 – N5, grant.  In furtherance to her presentation explanation, she mentioned to the participants that the grant is not for Companies but Petty Traders and Artisans and grant would be giving out with viable marketing assistance.


Adesanya Samuel in his own presentation contribution, he briefed the participants on the three steps that would enable them to qualify for the Empowerment Grant.

  • By Attending Empowerment Seminar
  • Upload products into UNIC Foundation Website Shakuku.com.ng
  • Attending Interview if invited by the INIC Foundation

Adesanya Samuel also confirmed to the participants that where applicable UNIC Foundation could assist the beneficiary of the grant with the purchase of Raw Materials for the successful participants and also assist in the marketing such finished product Online for enormous patronage to the admiration of the participants who clapped their hands in appreciation with rowdy ovation.


Anota Adewale in his own assertion of what the other two speakers has already presented to the participants, he also reiterated on what Ogunade Toyin and Adesanya Samuel has explained with summary in both English and Yoruba Languages for the benefit of the majority who are illiterates.  Anota Adewale went memory lane on how to manage their business money prudently to enable them remain in business which according to him referred the participants to the case of a popular Loan through LAPO MICRO FINANCE BANK. He brought the attention of the participants down memory lane by refreshing their memories on cases of  Loan taken from LAPO MICRO FINANCE BANK that some Traders may had taken and used the money unreasonably into party celebrations, furnishing of homes, buying of clothes contrary to the original plan why the loan was obtained that has resulted into putting many such people into trouble due to flouting of the agreement as they may not be able to pay back the loan as at when due which in some cases has resulted into Police case.  At this juncture the participants were very much appreciative with a rowdy ovation for Anota Olawale’s impressive Educational pronunciation that many of the participants were ignorant about in the past.

Anota Olawale also briefed the participants that UNIC Foundation can also assist prospective students in Educational Programe of Foreign Courses grant on Campuses across Nigeria that ideally the course duration is just 3 years as a Course but in Nigeria it could last as long as 4-5 years due to unexpected strikes that is capable to interrupt such Courses.  He made it known categorically that the only fee parents would pay for these Foreign Courses is the Registration Fee of N28,000,00 for JBTS School Vocational Campus Course as UNIC Foundation would foot the proper bill ranging from N5,000,000,000.00 (Five Million Naira) and above and the Certificate is a Foreign Certificate.  Anota Olawa;e also confirmed to the participants the existence of UNIC Foundation Village Landed Property at Atan Otta Axis of Ogun State for as low as N100,000.00 per plot but in the case of the involvement of an Agent the amount of purchase would be N130,000.00 per plot,  Anota Adewale also encouraged the participants on the opportunity to become a Facilitator Speaker of UNIC Foundation Empowerment Seminar and one interested  should write down their names and that the Training usually takes place in every Thursdays in the UNIC Foundation Plaza, Lagos.  At the end of rounding up the Seminar, Forms were given to each participant to fill and after duly filled, the Forms were collected by the Team of Presenters with a detachment copy given to all participants who filled the mandatory Form to authenticate their participation for a possible invitation confirmation.


All the numerous participants of the Empowerment Seminar were very happy as they look forward to an invitation for interview invitation by UNIC Foundation.

UNIC FOUNDATION… Empowering Traders not to be working like Elephants and Feeding like Ants, But working like an Ant and feeding like an Elephant…


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