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This Guy Earns 2,500,000 Naira Traveling The World!

A simple laborer’s success story

Alex Emodi, a former laborer from Lagos, now travels around the world. I met him a couple of weeks ago in Bangkok. We talked for a couple of hours.

Three months ago, Alex decided to give up working as a “handyman by the hour”, and now earns money online, constantly traveling.

I asked how he does it. Honestly, at that moment, I thought that I wanted to live that way too. “I am now earning about 2,500,000 Naira a month, and this allows me to travel around the world quite comfortably,” he told me. “The only thing I need is an Internet connection. So wherever I go, if I have Internet access, I can earn money whenever I want. For example, last week, I earned money while on a Caribbean cruise. It’s a fabulous place, I can tell you!”

Alex and his Lamborghini Gallardo. For some reason, many traders prefer this particular car.

Alex admitted that he had never even dreamed of such a life until he discovered this way of earning money.

He was previously not well off at all: “I was a simple laborer, you know… doing a bit of everything… and you don’t earn much in that line of work. There were periods when I didn’t even have money for food. I even managed to give myself gastritis. So I decided to pull myself together and find a more stable way to earn money.

This is my first time I’ve driven a Lamborghini.

What is the secret of his success?

A few months ago, while still laboring, Alex came across an article online, which was about trading. And trading changed his life. Now he is well off, travels a lot, and enjoys complete freedom, which he could not even have dreamed of before.

The online trading platform on which Alex is trading aroused my curiosity. As a result of inquiries, I received some useful tips from my new friend. He also agreed to reveal the secret of his trading strategy to me and my readers.

“I’m prepared to share my knowledge, because in the end, if someone had not shared it with me back then, I would not have become what I am now,” Alex said.

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