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My Friend Is Being Held In Detention For More Than Two Weeks Now

Two weeks back, my friend was apprehended by DSS officers from his residence in Lagos state and we have not heard from him.

I was driving out with him, immediately they saw us, they surrounded us and started asking questions. We now discovered that it was my friend that they were looking for. They collected his phones and followed him to his room to change his clothes. When I asked them what his offense was, they told me that they would like to ask him one or two questions.

They told me to meet them at their office and when I got there, I was not allowed access to their office. The officer at the gate told me that there was no such arrest. It was on Friday. I went there on Monday together with his wife and brother which was the following week, we were still denied access. They officer at the gate told us that if he’s truly here that nothing will happen to him. He told us that anyone who is apprehended is not allowed to see anybody until after investigation.

We paid a Lawyer to go there the following day and the Lawyer eventually gained access, he was told that my friend was taken to Abuja the following day they arrested him.

We contacted a Lawyer in Abuja to go there and he was not allowed to see my friend. They told him to submit an application that they would get back to him. After few days, they did not contact him. He decided to go there this week and was denied access.

My friend has a wife and two kids, the wife has not been herself since this incident happened. She’s been traumatized. She just wants to be sure if her husband is truly there.

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