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Beauty Queen Pet Project Launching…A Way of Appreciating Excellence-Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye

According to the words of Elders “In human endevour in life, some fell by the wayside due to lack of commitment and inability to withstand the test of time while some excelled in their chosen profession or career”. So there is absolutely the needful to appreciate these set of people while still hearty and healthy and not in death. Beauty Queen Pet Project Launching is a brain child of Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye

This assertion is what played out in the words of Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye the Publishers of City Express News Magazine who is also the President General of Miss Nigeria Independence Beauty Pageant Organization in an interactive interview session with the Publishers of 247overnaija.com.ng recently in his exotic office reacting to the Beauty Queen Pet Project Launching on 7th May, 2019.

In furtherance to his prophetic words “A journey of a thousand mile starts in a day” and in his own way of reasoning in line with his ideology while some couldn’t continue the journey some continued and became heroes and it is imperative and mandatory to reward these set of people in appreciation of their efforts in getting to the top and he is very happy to be part of this heroic project in his lifetime.

In continuation of his lamentation “that is why he is supporting Beauty Queen Pet Launching in order to appreciate Sophia Angelina Jones Miss Nigeria Independence the initiator of the Project for her humanitarian approach to assist humanity with her position” in order to raise funds to appreciate those who has excelled in their careers and professions in serving humanity in totality to the appreciation of the populace most especially the Police Officers who worked tirelessly watching and guarding the life of the people and property requires to be celebrated. Also what fascinates him most is the involvement of orphanage homes, children and widows in the activities of the project which will remain indelible in his memory as he is part of this historical project touching the creativity of God.

In the parting words of Prince Sunny Ebjojiaye he wants other people in authority or positions to emulate the Organizers of Beauty Queen Pet Launching Sophia Angelina Jones for putting smiles in the faces of those who deserves to smile after their meritorious service to mankind. Those orphans, children and widows who never thought that somebody somewhere remembers them calls for celebration and emulation for Nigeria to cross the bridge.

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