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American Artistes Would Be Comparing To Nigerian Artistes Soon… Itua Oseghale

In the words of African Freedom Fighters Musical Icon like Fela Ransome-Kuti, Sonny Okosun, Lucky Dube, Alpha Blondy “Some people succeed because they are destined to, but most people succeed because they are determined”

This are the words of a Music Producer Itua Oseghale during an interactive interview session with the Publisher of 247overnaija.com.ng in his ultra-modern Digital and Analogue Studios situated in a serene Area of Dalemo, Iloye Community Area, Sango – Ota Ogun State near Lagos State Nigeria.

Music Producer Itua Oseghale attended Delta State University, Abraka in Delta State.  He also attended Vantage Music College in Lagos Nigeria where he learnt the rudiments of the Guitar and Keyboards but majored in Keyboard playing.  After graduation from the Music College, he played Keyboard in the Churches, Crusades, Programmes and Workshops.

Music Producer Itua Oseghale is from Esan North East Local Government Area of Edo State Nigeria and he is widely travelled because of his adventure in the land of music.  He ventured into Musical Recording Productions in his own Greenlife Digital and Analogue Studios in the year 2001 in Lagos Nigeria and has since the inception of Greenlife Digital and Analogue Studios, worked with many talented Artistes in terms of proper Song arrangements, Sound Track laying, mixing and re-mixing to ensure that Artistes from the stables of Greenlife Digital and Analogue Studios of these Artistes’ works stands out whenever and wherever they are played to the admiration and acceptability of these Artistes.

Music Producer Itua Oseghale is of the opinion that the problem Nigerian Artistes are facing is the Nigeria’s unstable policy because there is no money to finance the promotion of Nigerian Artistes’ works.  According to Music Producer itua Oseghale on his success story in Greenlife Digital and Analogue Studios, he said the first step is to listen to the Artistes’ lyrics, try as much as possible within his experience, exposure, ability, capability and durability to ensure that the prospective Artiste’ Songs is put in proper shape before creating instrumentation that would fit into the song.

Music Producer itua Oseghale is also of the opinion that Artistes should be able to write message and meaningful lyrics to enable them stay on top of the game of music recording.  He said in his own jurisdiction is to suggest to Nigerian Artistes to write not only melodious songs alone but to be able to attract sponsorship like the good old days in the Nigerian Music Industry.  He confirmed authorativelly that Nigerian Artistes are very talented but they have not been able to get to the pinnacle of their knowledge because Nigeria Government is not supportive through the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

Music Producer Itua Osegbale is optimistic that in the nearest future American Artistes would be in comparison with vast improved Nigerian Artistes as Nigerian Artistes are currently number one in the “Black Race Africa The Centre of the Word”.

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