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Aisha Buhari: Taking the Piss Out of GMB?

History have the way of taking place in the life of every God’s creature and Mrs Aisha Buhari, the wife of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, sure has great ways to make her mind known.

Mrs Aishat Buhari been a person of substance that one could be described as a woman who never supports her husband in the ways the affairs of the country is been paddled in a tweet on her verified Twitter handle, Mrs Buhari tweeted a video where the president instructed Security Forces to be ruthless against any ballot box snatcher during Nigeria’s general elections.

Mrs.  Aisha Buhari in her usual characteristics  captioned the video with seven thumbs up emotions and the words “#This Is GMB taking Nigeria to the #NextLevel”

Trust Nigerians as many replies to the tweets say the tweet by the president’s wife was crafted sarcastically, mocking the president’s death threat to vote riggers with the “This is GMB” hashtag.

It is worthy to note that President Buhari in the run-up to the 2015 Elections, presented himself as a reformed Democrat, excluding his military title, General, while trying to combat the militaristic impression Nigerians had of him.

After winning the poll in 2015, the former acronym “GMB” meaning General Muhammadu Buhari became “PMB” President Muhammadu Buhar with all the promises unfulfilled.  What a pity?.

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