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Nigeria Elections 2019 – Who Will Become Nelson Madela of Nigeria?


According to Benjamin Disreali, “The legacy of heroes is the memory of great example”.  Many mindful and meaningful people of the world watched in sympathy,  agony and admiration how Nelson Madela struggled for the liberation of South Africa dominated by white minority in the process he was jailed for 27 years for committing Treason and Felony just because he was trying to set his people free from the slavery rule of Apartheid regime of the white minority at the detriment of the blacks who are the majority but after serious sanction against South Africa led by the Nigeria Federal Military Government, Nelson Madela was released from prison and he eventually became the President of the Federal Republic of South Africa.  Nelson Madela from prison to President despite he was jailed for his role in setting South Africa free before becoming the President.

After the first tenure, Nelson Madela bowed out homourable without going for the second term which is very unusual of African leaders.  History was made and monopoly of some African leaders was broke and Nelson Madela became the hero of all time.

The postponed Presidential and National Assembly Election holds tomorrow Saturday February 23, 2019 across the six Geopolitical Zones in Nigeria and the Thriller in the Upper Region is between the two Fulanis President Muhammadu Buhari representing the ruling party All Progressives Congress (APC) and former Vice-President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Alhaji Atiku Abubakar representing the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).  It is on record that the incumbent sitting president would always maneuver their winning trick by all means to perpetuate themselves in office.

It is interesting to note that judging by the scenario that unfolds before the General Elections proper in the sense of president’s refusal to sign the Electoral Law into Law as amended by the National Assembly and the sudden postponement of the Presidential and National Assembly Election originally scheduled for Saturday February 16, 2019.

Many food of thought is of the opinion that the action by INEC was the voice of Esau and the body of Jacob.  The re-scheduled Election holds tomorrow Saturday February 23, 2019.  The question is if PMB looses the Presidential Election ticket to Atiku if insinuation in the political circle Nigeria as if anything to by Atiku is favored ahead of PMB.  Will PMB accepts defeat and become the Nelson Madela of Nigeria? The question would be answered  in the aftermath of the Elections in Nigeria.  The whole world is watching for PMB to write his name in the annals history of Nigeria. God bless Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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